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Web API’s with ASP.NET Core

HTTP is not just for serving up web pages. It’s also a powerful platform for building APIs that expose services and data. HTTP is simple, flexible, and ubiquitous. Almost any platform that you can think of has an HTTP library, so HTTP services can reach a broad range of clients, including browsers, mobile devices, and traditional desktop apps.

In this tutorial, you’ll build a simple web API for managing a list of “Book Store API” items. You won’t build any UI in this tutorial.

ASP.NET Core has built-in support for MVC building Web APIs. Unifying the two frameworks makes it simpler to build apps that include both UI (HTML) and APIs, because now they share the same code base and pipeline.


APIDescriptionRequest bodyResponse body
GET /api/booksGet all books itemsNoneArray of books items
GET /api/books/{id}Get an item by IDNoneBook item
POST /api/ books Add a new itemBook itemBook item
PUT /api/ booksUpdate an existing item Book item Book item
DELETE /api/ Book /{id}Delete an item.NoneNone

Code on Github

I have uploaded code on Github, you can download and try at your end. You can share your comments. Download Code


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